Friday, July 8, 2011

Mac Wallace Colloquium Volume in Print

Just over two years ago the Colloquium organized by the Institute to honor Mac Wallace concluded. With dedication, hard-work and cooperation the Proceedings of that Colloquium are now in print and available from the Institute. Euboea and Athens. Proceedings of a Colloquium in Memory of Malcolm B. Wallace. Athens 26-27 June 2009 is published as No. 6 (2011) in the Publications of the Canadian Institute in Greece series. Jonathan and I are the General Editors. The colloquium and the publication were made possible through the generosity of many colleagues and friends of Mac.

The volume starts with a succinct biography of Mac followed by his Bibliography. Fifteen of the contributions (written by 18 authors) cover Euboean material culture and history from the Prehistoric Period to the Early Modern Era. The sixteenth, a collaboration between Mac and Tom Figueira, reexamines Athenian/Euboean evolving relationships in the crucial 5th century BC and proposes a new synthesis in which to view them. There is something for every scholarly interest in the volume, from Linear B, to Geometric pottery, to historical discussions, to pebble mosaics to early travellers’ accounts. In this tangible way Mac’s memory lives on and he continues to influence us.

David Rupp

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  1. Thank you for publishing this tribute to Professor Wallace. His students will always remember his extraordinary command of classical Greek and his truly exceptional generosity as a teacher. I am one of the students who owes him a great debt, which I try to repay by investing in my students the time and patient helpfulness he offered to me and countless others. A good man and a true teacher. May God bless and befriend him.