Friday, June 15, 2012

Is the CIG Colloquium on Your Dance Card?

Next Friday afternoon, the 22nd, at the Auditorium of the Italian Archaeological Institute in Athens (Parthenonos 14-16, Koukaki), will start our Colloquium in memory of Professor Emeritus Frederick Elliot Winter. Registration opens at 15:00. The program starts at 15:30 and continues through 20:15. The Keynote Address, by Dr. Rune Frederiksen (Director, Danish Institute at Athens), will assess the impact of Prof. Winter’s pioneering research on Greek fortification systems on current scholarship. Prof. Winter’s daughter and a grandson will be in attendance. Saturday’s program, on the 23rd, runs from 09:30 through 18:30.

Here’s an excellent opportunity to feast on a rich cuisine of architectural studies from around the Aegean basin. The topics span the Late Bronze Age through the Roman Imperial period. Included are palaces, monumental and not so monumental tombs, settlements and the planning of them, houses, temples and, of course, fortifications! Prof. Winter’s B/W negative research archive will also be featured. The program has a high “Canadian Content”! We hope to see you there!!!

David W. Rupp

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