Friday, July 20, 2012

Governance of the Institute

Many individuals who are familiar with the Institute are nevertheless unfamiliar with how CIG is organized and governed. Established in Canada in 1974 and recognized by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture in 1976, the Institute is a growing consortium of Canadian universities and organizations that represents to the Ministry the scholarly interests of Canadian researchers who seek to study ancient, Byzantine and contemporary Greece.

A 24-member Board of Directors based in Canada through its various committees sets policy, crafts the annual budget, raises funds, handles publications and oversees the activities here in Athens. The Board includes 12 institutional representatives and 12 individual members. There are three special representatives as well, the Canadian Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic, the President of the Classical Association of Canada and a Student Representative.

Nine Board members with the Athens staff

The members of the Board are very active in the life of the Institute. Among other things they are directors of field projects, they give lectures at the Institute, they visit the Institute's premises regularly and they often stay in the hostel. At the recent Colloquium in memory of Professor Winter the majority of the institutional representatives either gave a paper or served as chairs of the sessions. In addition, the Treasurer of the Board and the Student Representative have spent time in Greece this summer.

The recent growth and success of the Institute owes a great deal to the diligence of the Board of Directors as well as their financial acumen, and steadfast dedication. Without this support and advice our work in Athens would not be as effective.

David Rupp

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