Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Find your Own Ancient Mediterranean Princess!

This Thursday, at 6:30 PM the Athens Association of Friends of the Institute will meet at the main entrance of the Museum of Cycladic Art at Neophytou Douka 4 to start a guided tour of the much talked about “Princesses of the Mediterranean at the Dawn of History” exhibition [link to previous blog on topic].

“The exhibition presents 24 examples of ‘princesses’ from Greece, Cyprus, Southern Italy, and Etruria from 1,000 to 500 BC, and over 500 artefacts. Royal ladies or princesses; priestesses or healers; women of authority or knowledge; local women, who stood apart from the rest; other women, who accepted and adopted the cultural traits of different societies or of the men they married in their homeland – local or foreign men – or even those women, who for reasons of intermarriage, traveled from one place to another, are the women this exhibition examines. Through their stories, one can distinctly perceive how these women played a contributing role in broadening the cultural horizons of their time, including their involvement in the development of the archaic Mediterranean culture.” The Exhibition has been so popular that it has been extended to May 8th.

There are still a few of places left. To reserve one of them please by Thursday at 1 PM at the latest, either call Jonathan at: 210 7223201 or email him at: ad@cig-icg.gr. Each participant will be charged €3.50 for the tour.

Come and join us for a stimulating exhibition with many objects not seen in Greece before.

David Rupp

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