Friday, October 25, 2013

The Institute’s "Portal to the Past" is Coming to a Computer Near You, Very Soon!!!

For over a year now we have been working diligently on creating an online archive relating to the archaeological fieldwork that our members have conducted under the aegis of CIG and with a permit from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture since 1980. Everyone who has been associated with CIG (including all of the Fellows and the interns) has contributed to making this dream of the Canadian Ambassador Robert W. Peck for a “virtual photo exhibition” of our archaeological accomplishments come true. This is another one of the initiatives that Ambassador Peck set in motion to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the formal establishment of diplomatic relations between Canada and Greece in 1942. A timely grant from the Eldorado Gold Corporation (Vancouver) provided the requisite funding to support the work.

The CIG Portal to the Past is an interactive, online archive of information and imagery relating to the archaeological projects of CIG undertaken under the aegis of CIG and with permits from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture since 1980. The range of archaeological research of the 18 projects spans from the 9th millennium BCE to the 20th century CE. Each winter the Portal will be updated with the results of the previous field season and the advent of new projects. As we gather additional materials from older projects, these too will be added to the Portal. When fully implemented, the texts of the Portal will be in English, French and Greek.

This online resource contains information on all of our projects over the years as well as the Frederick E. Winter B/W Negative Collection. For each project there is a selection of images to highlight the work, the archaeological finds and the results of the fieldwork and related research. The individuals involved in the project, the associated and supporting institutions as well as the complete list of publications are given too. Every major field is searchable.

We are presenting the Portal in Athens on Wednesday evening, the 30th. If you would like an invitation to the event please contact Jonathan for details at: Next week I will share with our readers how one can access the Portal.

David Rupp

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