Friday, October 10, 2014

A Farewell from Chris!

Over the last 3 years the Canadian Institute in Greece has become such a big part of my life, providing me friends, opportunities, learning experiences, and inspiration.  Sadly my time in Greece is up, and I'm off on a new adventure in a new land.  While I know that the CIG will remain a part of my life after I leave, it's going to be strange not being as directly involved as I was.

I'll never forget the first few lectures that I attended at the CIG, I thought to myself, who wouldn't want to work with archaeologists in Greece?  Then after meeting with David and Jonathan, it was decided that I had some skills that might be useful.  I did some IT/Web work, but the Fred Winter's photo archive was something I felt I could really sink my teeth into.  This project proved to be something that I can really be proud of.  I've both helped get these photos out into the world, and I was even lucky enough to be asked to write a paper for the CIG's latest publication (pretty good for a "non-academic").

I've also been lucky enough to  work on so many more projects with the CIG (as well as other institutes that I met through the CIG), from art shows at both the CIG and other institutes, setting up online broadcasts of lectures, to the highlight of going out on a dig at Kastro Kallithea, these experiences have taught me so much about archeology in Greece both now and thousands of years ago. The CIG has given me many new tools that I will use forever, and it's also connected me with people that I consider to be life long friends.

So after over 3 years I say goodbye, to Greece, to the CIG, and to the many people who made my life in this culturally-rich country so wonderful.

Chris Stewart

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