Friday, February 20, 2015

Ancient Eleon Awaits You Tonight

I am very pleased to announce that the ongoing excavations at ancient Eleon (modern Arma) in eastern Boeotia conducted under the aegis of the Institute will be the subject of a lecture this evening.  Professor Brendan Burke (University of Victoria) along with his co-director Professor Bryan Burns (Wellesley College) will discuss the results of four years of excavation on the acropolis at Eleon. Their Greek synergatis is Dr. Alexandra Harami of the Ephorate of Antiquities in Thebes. The lecture, entitled “The Mycenaean Age and its endurance at ancient Eleon in Boeotia”, is part of the 2014/15 Aegean Lecture Series organized by the Aegeus – Society for Aegean Prehistory and the Swedish Institute at Athens.

Brendan will provide an overview of the excavations at Eleon and discuss the substantial architectural remains and associated material culture probably from elite dwellings that date from the LH IIIB2 through IIIC middle periods. Beneath these layers there is evidence of LH I/II and Middle Helladic activities.  The discovery of a tower, ramp and gate associated with the late 6th century BC Lesbian-style polygonal wall very visible on the eastern side of the hill has added another interesting dimension to the project. As these later remains are built partially on top of the 13th-century BC Mycenaean fortifications it appears that this “Heroic Past” was consciously memorialized architecturally in the late Archaic period. The rich votive offerings around the ramp and within the walls suggest the presence of a sanctuary most likely to a female deity.

The lecture tonight the 20th is at 19:00 at the Swedish Institute at Athens at Mitseon 9 in the Makriyianni District. The Akropolis Metro Station is just a five-minute walk away. Please join me in learning more about the latest discoveries of this Institute project.

David Rupp

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