Friday, March 27, 2015

What's new in the Cyclades?

I have a disclosure to make: Naxos and the small islands around it to the south and to the east are my most favorite places in all of Greece. The aromatic island landscapes, the tasty cuisine and the rich cultural heritage keep drawing me back over the years. So it should come as no surprise that our next Institute lecture on Wednesday, April 1st is one that I am eagerly looking forward to!  At 7:30 PM in the Institute’s Library, Eirini Legaki, an archaeologist in the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Cyclades of the Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs will give a lecture in Greek entitled, Νεώτερα αρχαιολογικά δεδομένα για τη Νάξο και τις Μικρές Κυκλάδες”.

 Ms. Legaki is the Ephorate’s representative for Naxos and the “Small Cyclades”. In the course of her work over the past years she has been responsible for the testing of building plots and conducting rescue excavations throughout these islands in the central Aegean. In her lecture she will provide us with an overview of the many recent discoveries in these islands dating from the prehistoric period to the early modern period. Known sites and new sites will be visited in her lecture. Athenian audiences have not seen most of this material!

With Professor Tristan Carter’s (McMaster University) recent survey work at the massive chert outcrops and the extensive chipped stone tool production locale at Stélida on Naxos and his application for an excavation permit starting this summer, the Institute is very much interested in learning more about the archaeology of these islands.

David Rupp

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