Friday, April 3, 2015

Kalo Mina!

Today at 1:00 PM we will start our annual Pascha recess. The Institute will reopen on Monday, April 20th at 9:00 AM. We will be looking forward to an Institute Lecture on April 29th and the Annual Open Meeting on May 13th.

Tessa Little, our graduate intern from Brock University will return to North America after three months of diligently putting our Library into proper order. On Megali Paraskevi you can read about her experiences and adventures in her guest blog. S’efharistoume para para poli Tessa!!!

Lana Radloff is also heading for North America in part to give a paper at conference at Pennsylvania State University. Go Lana!

Jonathan is making his annual pilgrimage to Yorkshire, this time where he will marry Amelie. While I don’t think that he will livestream the ceremony and the reception afterwards, his Facebook page should fill in all of the details and then some. We wish him and Amelie a long and felicitous marriage!!!

The Tsipopoulou-Rupps will not venture beyond Greece’s borders. Athens and Crete will keep us busy, indeed.

Kalo Pascha se olous!!!
David Rupp

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