Thursday, September 1, 2016

We're Back!

Kalo Mina!

As of today the Institute is open again for business with its normal hours of Monday through Friday from 09:00 to 13:00. This academic year we will be hosting two Fellows: Keven Ouellet is a PhD candidate at the University of Montreal, and Dr Mark Hammond is conducting postdoctoral research. In addition, in two weeks we will be joined by Ailidh Hathway, an undergraduate student from Wilfrid Laurier University, for a three month internship.

Upcoming blog posts will introduce you to Keven, Mark and Ailidh, as well as inform you of our autumn-winter programme of events, currently being planned. We look forward to welcoming you to the Institute this autumn to use our facilities, attend our events, and meet our personnel.

Best wishes,
Jonathan Tomlinson
Assistant Director

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