Friday, January 27, 2017

Canadian Students, Alberta Bound! Books, Monographs and Journals Looking for a Loving New Home

One of the central goals of the Institute is the promotion of research relating to Greek cultural heritage in its broadest sense. We do this in many ways, by the archaeological fieldwork projects that Canadian research teams mount each year in Greece, by the study permits granted to Institute members by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sport, by our Library in Athens, by our lecture programs and events in Athens during the academic year and through the CIG Portal to the Past.

In Canada one of the most important public outreach efforts of the Institute is the Biannual CIG Student Conference. These conferences are organized in conjunction with one or more Canadian universities. This year it will be held at the University of Alberta in Edmonton on Friday evening, January 27th and all day Saturday, January 28th (for the full program see: The central theme of the conference is “Regional Identities in the Greek World”. On Friday evening Prof. Craig Hardiman (University of Waterloo) will give the keynote address entitled “Micro-Regionalism, Macro-Regionalism and a Hellenistic Artistic Koine.” On Saturday nine students will present their papers. The lead organizer is Gino Canlas, a person well-known here in Athens and one of the graduate student representatives on the Board of Directors of the Institute.

If you are in or near Edmonton this weekend I urge you to attend the conference at the U of A. The paper topics are most interesting and the students represent the future of the study of ancient Greek culture in Canada. They deserve your enthusiastic support and encouragement!

The Third CIG Book Sale is Now Live!

From time to time the Library of the Institute amasses a quantity of duplicate books, monographs and journal issues, mostly the result of donations and the acquisition of newer editions. When the bookshelves in the Institute’s office are overflowing we put the lot up for sale to the highest bidders. This iteration of the Sale started earlier in the month and continues until the 31st of March. We are currently selling over 200 books and monographs, plus 200 or so periodical volumes. The spreadsheet with the list of items for sale is accessible via: The process is simple: you connect to the link; peruse the contents of the list and email  to make a bid on those items you wish dearly to own. In early April Jonathan will notify the lucky new owners. You can then come to the Institute to pay for the books and take them away. If this, is not convenient we can send them to you after you pay online (+ postage and handling charges). Money talks! Every book can walk!

This is a win-win undertaking! You get the books, monographs or journal issues that you have always longed to have in your personal library at a reasonable cost and the Institute’s Library gets additional funds to purchase more reference works (in French, English and Greek) and books and monographs in the areas that we focus on such as Boeotian studies, archaeological theory and methods, bioarchaeology, archaeological science, Thessalian studies, etc. So don’t be left out! Make your bids now!!!

David Rupp

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