Friday, September 22, 2017

We're Back in Action! Welcome Chris and Sarah!

Since the first of the month the CIG office has been open again after a much-needed August recess. I trust that you enjoyed our guest blogs during August featuring the insights into the Institute-sponsored fieldwork projects written by the directors and by our summer undergraduate intern from York University.

The Institute’s fall lecture program and the events scheduled during the fall for the Athens Friends’ Association will be announced by the end of next week.

In the meantime I would like to welcome warmly to the Institute and the Athens community of archaeologists and fellow travelers our new 2017/2018 Neda and Franz Leipen Fellow Christopher Cornthwaite ( and our fall undergraduate intern from Wilfrid Laurier University Sarah Cozzarin (

In addition to studying various inscriptions related to his dissertation topic comparing the movement of religion among four diaspora groups in the Hellenistic period, namely the Thracians, Syrians, Phoenicians, and Jews, into Athens, Delos, and Corinth Chris will assist me on updating the CIG Portal to the Past ( In the spring he will give an Institute lecture relating to his research.

Sarah will take her knowledge of ancient Greece to a higher level during her three months in Athens by visiting sites, monuments and museums here in Athens and beyond. For the Institute she will continue in the long process of organizing and digitizing our Archives.

You will have a chance to meet both Chris and Sarah on Wednesday evening, October 4th at our first Friends’ Association event.

Kalo phthinoporo!
David Rupp

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