Friday, May 18, 2018

The Institute's Annual Open Meeting is Upon Us Again! Welcome Katie!

When the weather starts turning summery in Athens it means that it is May. In addition, it heralds the annual Open Meeting of the Institute. This coming Thursday, May 24th at 7:00 PM at the Danish Institute in Athens (Herefondos 14A in the Plaka) is the next iteration of the Open Meeting. For my part of the evening I will review succinctly the activities and events of the Institute since our last meeting in May, 2017. Then, I will highlight the many discoveries and achievements of the archaeological fieldwork conducted last summer under the aegis of the Institute with permits from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sport, at Stelida on Naxos, at ancient Eleon in Boiotia and in the Argolid. The work of the study seasons at ancient Argilos in Macedonia, at Kastro Kallithea in Thessalia and in the western Argolid will be mentioned as well.

Afterwards we will be honored with a lecture by Prof. Scott Gallimore (Wilfrid Laurier University and Secretary of the CIG Board of Directors). His lecture is entitled "An Island in Crisis? Re-evaluating the Formation of Roman Crete". This is based on Scott’s major research focus which is the processes of Romanization of the island of Crete in the late Republican and early Imperial periods.

The conquest of Crete by Rome, starting from 69–67 BC, remains poorly understood in terms of its impacts on the island before and after the invasion. From an archaeological perspective, it takes decades before noticeable changes are apparent in Crete’s material culture. In this lecture he will explore this topic by viewing the available data through the lens of eventful archaeology, the archaeology of crisis, and resilience theory to reassess the formation of Roman Crete.

We look forward to you joining us for this final, celebratory event of the Institute’s 2017/2018 academic program. At the Open Meeting you will be able to meet our York University Global Intern for the summer, Katie Squires, who arrived this week from Canada.

Katie is a third-year undergraduate student from York University. Katie is an IBA Honours student who majors in Anthropology and minors in Philosophy. She has had a lifelong fascination in anthropology and other cultures, and more recently, has developed an interest in solidarity and resistance in modern Athens.

In July 2016, she participated in an acquiring research skills course through York University and College Year in Athens. She conducted ethnographic research in Athens, focusing on the spatial politics of resistance. Her ethnographic paper, “Erisian Mysteries: the art of squatting, resistance and solidarity”, is currently being published in York University’s undergraduate anthropological journal, Contingent Horizons.

Katie plans to elaborate on her research in Athens, and examine the dynamics of female resistance and solidarity as a response to the Greek financial crisis. Katie hopes to use this opportunity to build more intercultural understanding of Greece, foster positive relations between York University and the institute, and explore questions surrounding women’s solidarity networks within Athens. 

David Rupp

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