Friday, May 24, 2019

Welcome, Monica!

Earlier this month we welcomed Monica Santos to the Institute for a three-month internship. Monica is the sixteenth student intern that the Institute has hosted from York University; she is a third-year undergraduate majoring in Political Science with a certificate in Law and Social Thought.

Monica’s main interest is in political philosophy and her initial interest in the Ancient Greek world began in her first year of university in her Birth of Politics course. Within her first year, she studied books such as The Iliad, The Trial of Socrates, Plato’s Republic, and many more. Through her studies of the ancient Greek world, her curiosity towards ancient Greek ideas such as justice, virtue, democracy, and citizenship grew.

Within the course of her stay in Greece, she plans to enrich her knowledge and understanding of ancient Greek archaeology and history, in order to fully understand the cultural significance of the ancient Greek world in politics. She hopes to use her learning opportunities at The Canadian Institute in Greece, with regard to Greek archaeology, to get a better understanding of the influence that the Greek world has had on Western politics today. She also hopes to immerse herself into today’s Greek culture so that she may thoroughly understand the influences of the ancient Greek world and diversify herself.

Jonathan Tomlinson
Assistant Director

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