Friday, March 12, 2021

Exploring the Greek Revolution of 1821

This month is Ontario's Hellenic Heritage month and, to mark the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821, the History Committee of the Hellenic Heritage Foundation (HHF) has produced a seven-part podcast exploring the Revolution. Entitled The Idea of Greece and hosted by Georgia Balogiannis, the series is also under the auspices of the Greece 2021 Committee, sponsored by Agape Greek Radio, and with original music by Demetri Petsalakis. A number of themes in the history of the 1821 revolution are explored by Ms Balogiannis with Dr Sakis Gekas (HHF Chair in Modern Greek History at York University), and with the contribution of a number of invited historians.

You can listen to the episodes here:

Episode 1: The Origins of the Revolution
Episode 2: Not One War
Episode 3: The Brutality of War
Episode 4: The Heroes of the Revolution
Episode 5: Women of the Revolution
Episode 6: Philhellenes and the Revolution
Episode 7: A Modern Greek Nation

The Hellenic Heritage Foundation is a national charitable, non-profit organization established in Toronto in 1996. Its mission is to preserve, promote, and advance Hellenic education, culture, and heritage in Canada by funding initiatives that enrich the lives of Hellenic Canadians and philhellenes. Learn more at:

Jonathan Tomlinson
Assistant Director

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