Friday, December 15, 2023

Four Months in Greece as an Intern

When I first arrived in Athens at the beginning of September, I had a feeling it was going to be an amazing four months. Unlike others who have completed the internship, this was my fifth time in Greece, as I have direct family ties to the country, and Greece has always felt like a second home to me.

Working as an intern at the Canadian Institute in Greece (CIG) was an amazing experience, I applied to the internship to gain experience working abroad and to complete my postgraduate internship requirements in Museum and Gallery studies. During my time at CIG, I worked mostly in the archives department, starting the process of organizing archaeological documents from the Southern Euboea Exploration Project from 1984 to 2014. Along with archiving, I also assisted with events that took place at CIG, plus posting weekly on the Institute's social media accounts. Other than working at CIG five days a week, weeknights and weekends were about exploring Athens and Greece. I, the other intern Taryn, along with this year's CIG Fellow Justine, were always out exploring. From eating at great restaurants to exploring museums, or just walking the streets with a coffee in hand. There is always something to do in Athens! My most notable memory was our group walk to the top of the Acropolis and eating dinner at “tzitzikas mermigas” located in the center of Athens multiple times during the semester! Sharing these travel experiences with them both will last a lifetime, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to explore the city with them.

Another great bonus about the internship was the chance to explore other parts of Greece during the weekends, and I took full advantage of this opportunity! I had the chance to visit a friend in Thessaloniki on two separate weekends; during my time in Northern Greece I explored the city and visited the local museums. The most memorable was the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, where I learned about the history of Northern Greece, something I have always been interested in learning more about. Thessaloniki is truly an amazing city, and I highly recommend visiting, as it is rich in history and culture! The next solo trip I went on was to Arachova and Delphi; as the two villages are just under two and a half hours from Athens, it is the perfect weekend away from the city! The views were picturesque, and the small villages were charming and very welcoming. Not to mention, the museum and archaeological site of Delphi is one my favourites within Greece, as nothing compares to mountain terrain!

As my time in Athens ends, it is bittersweet to me, as I have learned so many new things, explored unfamiliar places and met new people in the same work field. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity from CIG, and I recommend this internship to anyone who gets the chance. As that is all for now from me, returning to Athens soon is on my itinerary!

Yassou Athens, see you soon!

Athena Wakeling
Georgian College intern, Autumn 2023

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