Friday, January 26, 2024

Welcome, Emma!

Earlier this month we welcomed our new intern from the University of Waterloo, Emma van Weesenbeek, who will be with us in Athens until April.

Emma is a third-year undergraduate studying Classics. When she graduates, Emma plans to complete postgraduate studies of the ancient world through museum studies and curating.


During her time at university, Emma has gained a greater understanding of ancient art and architecture and the intricacies of their creation, meaning, and importance in culture. While studying, she has also learned useful skills in research and communication that allow her to effectively connect audiences to her studies and explorations.


Thus, in spending time in Greece, Emma will be able to see how the culture from which her studies stem displays its own artifacts, and hopes she will be able to learn more about how ancient and modern Greek cultures intertwine and affect one another to further her studies and career goals.


Jonathan Tomlinson
Assistant Director

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