Monday, June 13, 2011

Archaeological Site and Museum Opening Hours, summer 2011

The National Archaeological Museum, Athens
There has been much discussion lately about Greek museums and archaeological sites remaining closed or operating only limited hours. Notable was a report in the English edition of Greek newspaper Kathimerini, on the many closed galleries of the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. You can read the report here.

Nevertheless, on June 3 the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism released a list of sites and museums operating double shifts (and thus remaining open from 08.00-17.00 or later; some until 20.00). This list was updated in a press release of  June 6 and now includes some 57 sites and museums around Greece. The list (in Greek only) can be found here. (The National Archaeological Museum is not on the current list.)

Ancient Messene
It is also noted in the press release that the list will be expanded as more summer guards are hired. The degree to which sites and museums are added will presumably be dependent on the government's programme of austerity measures. Visitors to Greece should also keep in mind that some of the strikes organised to protest these measures will affect site and museum openings.

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