Friday, October 7, 2011

Harvest Moon (almost) for an (almost) Fresh Crop of Links

Hello All,

My name is Chris and I am the new Leipen Fellow at the CIG in Athens. This is my first blog entry for this site (or anywhere else). I'm not a fan of long introductions, so let's get down to it.

The hit-stats for our blog say that a good number of you are reading this from some place other than Greece. For my first post I thought I would offer up a short list of fun events for those lucky enough to be in Canada this October:

Starting in the west, in Vancouver, Hector Williams will be giving a talk on “Lemnos: the Archaeology of a Greek Island” on October 24.

In Edmonton, Jennifer Niels will be talking about “The Parthenon and Periklean Politics” on October 6.

In Winnipeg, you can spend All Hallows Eve with Victoria Wohl and her lecture on “Living the Law in Democratic Athens.”

Christopher Smith, Director of the British School at Rome will be making his way across Ontario on an AIA sponsored lecture tour. You can catch him in Ottawa on the 18th and 19th, London on the 24th, and Toronto on the 28th.

Those in Toronto to see Christopher Smith might also consider walking across the street to the Royal Ontario Museusm, which has recently opened three new galleries focused on classical Rome and the Greek East:

Dans la belle province, on peut voir Robert Vergnieux à la 5 octobre ou Jacques Perrault à la 24:

And on the east coast, the big news is the annual meeting of the Atlantic Classical Association, happening on October 14th and 15th on the lovely campus of Memorial University.

There are, no doubt, many fine public lectures and events that I have missed. The most important one of all is coming up this Monday, when people all over Canada are invited to have an extra helping of turkey for me!

To put you in the Thanksgiving spirit, the first person to send me an email naming this body of water, or the park it runs through, wins a fresh rutabaga. (Delivery not included; you have to dig it up yourself.)

Christopher Wallace
Ph.D. Candidate (Classics), University of Toronto
Neda and Franz Leipen Fellow, Canadian Institute in Greece

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  1. So cool, a contest!

    Just as a guess, I'll say the Ottawa river?