Friday, March 30, 2012

Balance in the Hellenic World and Book Sale Extended

Spring is upon us here in Athens! The bushes and trees are sending out new leaves. Flowers are starting to bloom. The long dreary, wet winter is fading into last year’s memories. That means that April and Pascha are almost here! With their coming is the last lecture of the program for the Friends Association of the Institute on Wednesday evening, April 4th at 7:30 PM. The lecture will continue our examination of aspects of Christian art and its meanings. Dr. Gerasimos Pagoulatos (Hellenic Open University and the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation) will discuss the issue of historicism and a-historicism in the Hellenic world in his lecture entitled, “Seeking Balance in the Hellenic World: The Convergence of Historicism and a-historicism as Seen in the Iconographic Evidence of Christ’s Nativity Baptism.” Using the images of Christ’s Nativity and Baptism, Pagoulatos will how these two trends developed and finally merged in the Byzantine world. This development still has importance for the contemporary Hellenic world and beyond.

News Flash! The Book Sale Deadline Extended!!!
Given the upswing in bids and counter-bids this week on our archaeological books seeking a new home, we’ve extended the e-auction until Thursday, April 5th. All you have to do now is go to and make your bid. Don’t say we didn’t warn you many times about this sterling opportunity!!!

David Rupp

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