Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chris Stewart, CIG Volunteer

Contact sheet from photo collection of Professor Fred Winter CIG-ICG
I just thought I’d take a minute to introduce myself.  My name is Chris, and I just moved to Athens about 7 months ago.  I’m a writer, artist, and I have a degree in Communication.  I came to find the CIG when I attended a couple of lectures last summer.  The study of Archaeology fascinates me as a hobby and I really enjoyed seeing presentations by experts working in the field.  It gives so much more life to the topic than you can simply see by looking at artefacts in a museum.  Well after attending a few lectures, I decided that I would see if Jonathan and David could use any of my skills as a volunteer.  As it turns out they had great plans for updating the Internet and media presence of the CIG, and that was something I’m good at.  So we started this blog, a twitter account, and we have many more ideas for the future.
Negatives from photo collection of Professor Fred Winter CIG-ICG
During the set up for this blog David and Jonathan pulled out a large box of photo negatives and told me about the wonderful donation made by Professor Fred Winter.  Instantly the artist in me wanted to dive in and examine these photographs.  Fortunately someone was needed to organize and index this large collection, and if I wanted it, the job was mine.  I’ve just started this monumental task and already I’ve found some wonderful photos that I hope in the future can be displayed to a broader audience.  As I continue to go through the many thousands of photos I’ll post here about my finds and any problems I run into.


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