Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Of Sandwiches and Lions...

[written Tuesday 13 December 2011]

Wow the past three months have gone by so quickly I can’t believe I leave for Canada in two days! As the CIG’s fall intern and the first of what I am sure will be many great Wilfrid Laurier University interns to come, I have had an amazing experience the past three months. As a Classical Archaeology student at Laurier the availability of this internship was a dream come true. Not only did I get to experience life at CIG but I was also able to attend numerous lectures, study in the library of the British School at Athens and visit sites and museums. It was rewarding to visit the sites and see the remains of the material I have spent numerous hours slaving away on for research papers in the past three years.

My work at CIG has revolved around the library and accessioning and cataloguing of donation books and creating an inventory for CIG’s upcoming book sale. In addition to my library duties I had the pleasure of being caterer and hostess at the four fall events held at CIG. Thanks to these events I now have insurmountable knowledge in egg salad sandwich making, and do I ever make a good sandwich!

During my stay here I have done a lot more than sit in the library all day. I have attended a number of fascinating lectures (and some less fascinating), celebrated my 21st birthday, attended Modern Greek classes, played darts at the Red Lion and of course eaten a lot of pita gyros. Needless to say, an archaeology student could never come to Greece without visiting a site or two as well! My interest in Classical Archaeology lies in the Bronze Age and the Mycenaeans and therefore I set of one day on the most epic journey and day of my life. My trip to Mycenae was spectacular! Going at the end of November meant very few tourists and almost no whistle blowing employees. This allowed me the freedom to wander, climb, run, and jump across the citadel and surrounding area. The most exciting moments were sitting atop the relieving triangle of the Treasury of Atreus and adventuring into some random chamber tombs Indiana Jones style.

In the past three months I have made so many great friends and did not expect to be so sad to leave them all behind. Luckily for them I doubt this will be the last time they see my smiling face. I can’t wait to return to dig some more holes soon and am now off to my last darts night at the Red Lion for a while.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night,

Haley MacEachern
Wilfrid Laurier University intern

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